Small bowls, suitable for ice cream and snacks. Approximately 12cm diameter.


These bowls are hand made by me on the potters wheel, therefore they will not be identical, like a family they are the same but each one has its own personality. They are small enough to be held comforatable in one hand, so that you can enjoy your ice cream or dessert sitting on the sofa watching your favourite film.   If you prefer larger helpings, I do make larger sizes, just contact me and ask if they are not available in the shop.  They are decorated by indenting the soft clay with the end of NHS syringe caps, hence the name, and after the bisque fire the pattern is glazed with my cobalt blue glaze, the inside with shiny white glaze and the outside with clear glaze.  Then they are ready for their life being used by you.

Small NHS Icecream and snack Bowls

  • Stoneware ceramic bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.  

  • This is a ceramic item.  I make sure it is packed very, very carefully.  Lots of biodegradable bubble wrap and it will be double boxed if needed, to ensure that it survives the journey.  If you live in the UK I am including postage in the price. 

    If you live somewhere else, then we are going to have to have a conversation about the price of getting your item to you.  Please contact me so we can organise it properly.

    If you live near by,  I can deliver it to you, please contact me so we can make arrangements for this.