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Ceramics Artists and Potter

I was born to the sound of the sea in Hastings, England. But it was London and the sounds of the suburbs that I've always considered home.

I grew up and went to school in North London, where I enjoyed science and art in equal measure, finding them to be complementary to each other, rather than in conflict. I spent some formative years living in East London whilst I expanded my mind with a Degree in Philosophy. I further developed my love of learning whilst living in South London and training to be a teacher. I moved to West London to undertake my career in teaching and help to develop young minds. I continued to reside here whilst undertaking my MBA and practicing as a management consultant, helping to develop businesses and managers. I now live permanently with my family in Harrow, West London and have the luxury of developing myself and my art, rather than other people.

I first grew to love ceramics at school, taking O and A levels in art, but my passion for learning lead me into the teaching profession, where I spent many happy years inspiring children to love both the arts and sciences, something that I feel Ceramics encompasses in equal measure. The move to Management Consulting developed my business sense and organisational skills, but I never stopped creating and building up ceramic skills, mainly through Further Education classes and personal development.

After having two children with cystic fibrosis it became possible for me to concentrate more on my personal artistic development, rather than career development, and I have used this to good effect.

I find inspiration from the world around me, often focusing on the air we breathe, the juxtaposition of the built environment and nature in the city, and the beauty and calm that can be found in small things during difficult times. I produces work that is reflective of my life’s interests in science and art, it shows the constant existence of the rough with the smooth, and is indicative of the need to balance stability with the precarious nature of a life limiting condition. But most importantly it is a celebration of the beauty in all things and the ability to find fun and laughter in any situation.

When not in hospital with my children, or giving treatment at home, I can be found in my garden ceramic studio creating interesting forms in clay, mixing complimentary and contrasting glazes and oxides, and enjoying the freedom that clay gives to my mind.

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