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Exhibitions and Other News

Headstone Manor and Museum

New Beginnings
Art Exhibition

Part of 2023 Open Studio Event

Once again this year I will be opening my garden studio to you, along with over 30 other locations in the London Borough of Harrow.

Opening Times are : 11am - 5pm

Open Days are:

Saturday 3rd June

Sunday 4th June

Saturday 10th June

Sunday 11th June

Saturday 17th June

Sunday 18th June


Every Saturday

in June and July 2021

11am - 6pm

My Garden Studio is Open for you to visit. 


You can ask me questions, view my work, watch some demonstrations and learn something about my process. 


You can even purchase or commission a unique piece of art for yourself or a loved one.

Harrow Open Studios 2021.png

A Celebration of Colour 

Nicole Lyster N L Ceramics Breathing Fre

May 2021

I am part of Harrow Open Studios online exhibition in preparation for our Open Studios in June and July - exciting!

Welcome Art Lover!
The Harrow Open Studios Celebration of Colour online event for Spring 2021 introducing some of our artists, designers and makers for this years
Open Studio Event.

The Celebration of Colour gives you a taste of Harrow Open Studios whilst viewing this online collection of original art by our local artists, designers and makers.



July 25, 2025

I’ve just delivered my Covid Globe Human Touch sculpture to Harrow Arts Centre for their Creative Quarantine Exhibition  'The Lighter Side of Lockdown'

The exhibition will be open to the public from Monday 5th October and has been further extended into January 2021.  It is a celebration of local art created during and in response to the recent Lockdown.

Sculpture Title: Covid Globe Human Touch

Medium: Hand build Stoneware Clay with Porcelain Receptors, Coloured with Oxides and Acrylic.  Wooden Plinth with Iron Support.

Artist:  Nicole Lyster—N L Ceramics

Area:  Harrow London England

Description:  During the Lockdown it became more and more apparent how important touch is to humans.  The fact that we were unable to touch loved ones, shake hands with strangers, occupy the same close quarters with other humans, gave the importance of human touch sharp focus.

Clay is a medium that requires human touch to make forms, be it on the wheel or by modelling the  clay with ones hands.  It is the only medium that after it is fired is virtually indestructible and can retain the finger print of the creator through thousands of years so that another human can touch it.

Covid-19 removed our ability to touch each other, but my finger prints on this hand built globe and be touched by other humans across time and space, linking us together.   Covid-19 has been created by the human touch on the earth and if we don’t accept our impact on our environment and make changes, we will turn the whole world into a place that will destroy us.

This globe was made in response to both these reflections on our situation.  It was made as part of a community clay project I set up for the residents of my street, and displayed on the communal roundabout in the street with the clay pieces my neighbours made, which I had fired and glazed for them.

Reaction to 2019 election results Nicole


July 25, 2025

I have been accepted into an online exhibition opening this week.

Instagram and Facebook: @artistsrespondingto  

Twitter: @artistsrespond1

Above is my response to the much of what has been going on in the past year. Stoneware clay in manganese bronze glaze about 5cm high.  Photographed on the edge of a granite slab.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to feature in ARTISTS RESPONGING TO … Issue 2. The Zine will be published on our website and distributed through our social media platforms on the 25th September 2020. There will also be the option to purchase a printed issue through our website.

As ARTISTS RESPONDING TO … accepts submissions from international artists and writers, we would like to add a location for what city/where you are based. If you are not comfortable in sharing a location that is absolutely fine, we just thought it would be interesting for our readers.

We would also love to add your submitted works on our website’s online gallery and post 3 images of previous works on our Instagram account in the lead up to Issue 3. They will be used to highlight and celebrate the work of September’s featured artists and contributors. These images can be of one piece, from different works in the same series or any related work to the theme of political and environmental activism. If this is something you would be interested in, please let us know and send 3 high quality images, a list of titles, year of completion (work no older than 3 years), materials and size with a short 100-word statement about the works by the 25th September.

Thank you for submitting and we hope to see more entries from you in the future.

Winter Festival Logo.jpg


July 25, 2025

Through out November and December Harrow Open Studios is featuring an on line Gallery of our Local Artists work.  A small group of us decided that we needed a focus for our creativity during the first Lockdown, as we were unable to open our studios to visitors, for obvious reasons.  We invited Harrow Open Studios Members to create something special for the Winter Festival Season, to show our appreciation of our local customers and visitors; and to develop our skills in moving our usual activities on line.  There are over 25 artists taking part in this exhibition, all of the work is for sale by contacting the gifted artist that created it.  It is something that we are proud to have created for your enjoyment.

Makers Market CC Logo 2020.png


A whole world of potters for you to enjoy

From Friday 27th to Monday 30th November, the Ceramic Congress hosts over 30 world renowned potters and ceramic artists, giving talks, demonstrations, questions and answers to over 4000 attendees.  The price of a ticket is $10, and I cant wait to attend.  But that is not the most exciting news for me (although its pretty close).

I have been accepted into the Virtual Market.  I will have my own virtual booth that you can come into, ask me questions, see my work and if you so desire, buy something special from my web shop.  On Saturday 28th November, from 9pm - 12am London Time, I will be sitting in my home surrounded by my ceramics, so that you can see it and me together (not something that happens often enough in my opinion).  It will be like coming to my studio from where ever you are in the world.  I've never tried this before, it is going to be a brand new way to do old things - a real adventure.

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