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Perfect for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and partners with a bit of Sass.This 17cm tall ceramic stoneware vase in shiny green glaze has been dressed with a blue textured bodice and black leather laces.  She has been high fired to stoneware temperature. 


Made in my London studio on the potter's wheel, she was then dressed with a clay bodice pattered with my own bisque stamps and eyelets were cut to accommodate her leather laces. She is a piece of ceramic with personality.


She is designed to be a sculptural piece, adding interest and a focal point to your shelves, windowsill or mantel piece. However, she is fully functional as a vase, holding over 300ml of water for thirsty flowers to drink, or for displaying dried flower arrangements or even to house your pencils and paintbrushes. If you like, you can put a cork (cork not included) in her top and use her to hold consumables.


However, you choose to use her, do it as a statement. She is a vase with attitude, a real sassy lady.

Green Sassy Lady Bottle with Blue bodice and Black leather Laces