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35cm x 23cm stoneware ceramic serving plate. This scroll tray is made from a single slab showing the malleability of the soft clay, it has been fired to stoneware hardness fixing the undulations into permanent place.  The pattern is indented with geometric shapes and softened with lace and subtle coloured slips to create calm contrast in the deep green colour. It is glazed in my green shiny glaze making it food safe and hard wearing.  If you want your party table to have a unique touch as your guests prepare to eat, this scroll tray will create conversation.  Ideal for serving sandwiches or small cakes for that celebration buffet, or use it to support your center piece candles on your christmas table.

Green Ceramic Serving Plate - Scroll Tray

SKU: ScT01
  • Stoneware ceramics is microwave and dishwasher safe.  Though you'd need a big microwave to fit this into.  It has been in my kiln to 1250 degrees centigrade so it will cope with a lot of heat.