These mugs are hand made by me on the potters wheel, therefore they will not be identical, each one is unique.  Each mug is marked with a blue flower pattern made from the safety caps on the end of medicine syringes used by the NHS.   Hense their name - NHS Mugs.


I have designed these mugs to fit comfortably into your hands as you drink easily from them. The handle will fit your fingers without pinching and the concave shape is easy to hold.  The lip of the mug is thin so your mouth can sip your drink with ease.


I make three sizes of these mugs 150ml capacity - perfect for expresso coffee. 250ml capacity - a good size for morning coffee or tea.  350ml capacity - for when you really need a large beverage and want room to fit the whipped cream and marshmallows on the top of your hot chocolate. 


It is possible for me to add a short message on the bottom of these mugs to be seen by the drinker when they have drained the last drops.

NHS Mugs Small, Medium and Large

  • Stoneware Ceramics is dishwasher and microwave safe.