Perfectly tiny collectibles that will make a sweet gift. These porcelain miniatures are thrown 'off the hump' on my potters wheel.  Each one is no more than 3 cm high and each one is unique.  These tiny pieces take as much time and effort to throw, trim, dry, fire, glaze and fire again before they are ready to go to a new home.  They are whimsies, for display only, but they are perfectly formed and a joy to make, and will bring you a tiny bit of joy to own.


This White and Gold Urn has been thrice fired to add 24 carat gold lustre and is a little bit more expensive because of this extra process - you can read how this is done in my blog.

Porcelain Miniature - White and Gold Urn

  • NOT Microwave or dishwasher safe because of the Gold