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These plates are an experiment in design and they are not perfect (yet).  They are sold as an 'experimental, one off, set' at a special discounted price.  If you are pioneering enough to purchase them, your feedback on how they are used, what you like and dont like about them, and any suggestions for improvement are welcomed - just use my contact page to let me know.  You will be helping to improve the design and add to the colour options.


Each plate is handmade from a slab of stoneware clay, embossed with a lace patterned rim and shaped with graduating sized circles.  They have been made to nest inside each other, forming a flower like shape of asymetrical 'petal' rims.  The glaze is a shiny lilac pink, which really took hold of the largest plate, making it less subtle than the other four sizes. You can see a process video of how they are made in my blog.

handmade pink laced nesting plates - set of 5

£50.00 Regular Price