This garden sculpture stands 50cm tall.  It is a long process to create it coiling each level on seperate days to allow for the clay to harden enough to support the next level.  It is treated with soda to bring out the deep orange iron tones in the body during firing, with chrome and copper green glazes on the leaf part to add contrast.  It is made in high fired ceramic it can with stand frost in the winter and a heatwave in the summer. 


Use mainly as a garden ornament, to add a bit of tropical wimsie to your garden, it will also house garden lights or a large candle to cast interesting shadows at night.

Air Pineapple Ceramic Garden Sculpture

SKU: Air01
  • Its a garden ornament, so occasionally you might like to hose it down to clean out the debris.  Otherwise allow it to gather moss and patination, it all adds to the interrest.

  • This is a ceramic item.  I make sure it is packed very, very carefully.  Lots of biodegradable bubble wrap and it will be double boxed if needed, to ensure that it survives the journey.  If you live in the UK I am including postage in the price. 

    If you live somewhere else, then we are going to have to have a conversation about the price of getting your item to you.  Please contact me so we can organise it properly.

    If you live near by,  I can deliver it to you, please contact me so we can make arrangements for this.