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This Air Acorn stands at 30cm and was inspired by a trip to Kew Garden, where I gathered the large Turkish Oak leave to make the acorn cup, in which to coil the layers of clay, over many days and weeks.  It is glazed in my rich browns and red glazes, creating a high sheen that catches the light.  The leaves are glazed with my copper green and chrome glazes to add contrast, with a slight verdigris appearance. This particular Acorn has been donated to the Marsden Hospital Charity Auction.  Another is on its way to being made.


It is designed to be displayed in the garden or on the patio, giving a focal point that allows you to sit and contemplate the air around you and the beauty of nature, as you watch the light reflected off the surface glaze and shining through the body to cast interesting shadows.  It will house garden lights so that it can create patterns of light and shade at night.

Air Acorn Garden Ornament

SKU: Air03
  • This is a garden ornament, it will look better with moss and patination  developed over time, but if you feel the need you can hose it down to remove debris.