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My Art, My Way for your pleasure

Welcome to my shop.  Everything here has been made by me in my garden studio in London, England, UK.  They are glazed to stoneware temperatures in my electric kiln, making them dishwasher and microwave safe and frost proof (though whether you want to leave them outside in the winter is your choice).  I am not a production potter, or a factory outlet, so everything you see in this shop is uniquely individual - even the functional items like bowls, plates and mugs have their own personality.  I believe that our planet is important for our survival and the less negative impact we make on it the better.  This means I make items to last a life time, that have been created as part of my story to be owned by you as part of your story, or gifted to loved ones to enhance their story.  They are priced to reflect the time and effort that goes into each piece, but I hope they are valued for the positive impact they have on you when you own them.

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