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The Creativi-tree

During the third Lockdown at the beginning of 2021, I was in need of a creative project that made connections outside of my family bubble. So I created a ceramic tree of tiles, on which to hang porcelain leaves that could be decorated by the different artists that are members of Harrow Open Studios. At first I considered handing my leaves to each artists, but traveling around Harrow to 50 different locations was not a practical option, so I decided to post them with a return envelop. Postage required careful packaging and careful design of the leaves, so that they would survive the rough and tumble of our postal system. I posted them all out in February and I am pleased to say they travelled well.

It was exciting waiting for my leaves to return and over the months of February to April they came back to me. Each package contained a creative treasure, all of them a joy to open and each one truly unique. They were little points of light through the dark days of the lockdown.

This video shows the whole creative process. In June 2021 I had my tree on display at my Open Studio, and I have installed it at Harrow Arts Centre through July 2021 - with the aim of getting it on permanent display.

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