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A Celebration of Art

Happy New Year to you. It is still January, so I am allowed to type that.

This month I am organising an art exhibition at my local art centre. It is in response to a recent campaign I headed up, to save our only public gallery designated for visual art from sudden closure to be turned into an additional office for the council. There had been no consultation, no explanation and no thought in this decision. The local government had just decided that closing a well used public facility to create yet another 'office' was a sensible choice. I disagreed, set up a petition, sent copious letters, attended council meetings to ask why and generally made a noise. Thankfully the council saw sense and we have our gallery back. Now, we must use it.

The exhibition is open to all creative people in Harrow, any age, ability, discipline and technique - except performance art (there just isn't room in the small gallery space, that's something for next time)

I'm busy handling submissions and on deadline day I will be working with a small selection team to choose the widest variety and the best reflection of the amazing creativity that is happening in Harrow right now. I want to fill the gallery to overflowing, to pack it so tightly with colour, thought, emotions, techniques, awe and wonder, that it is impossible to ignore and underestimate the power of art. Then the council will see that they made the right choice in keeping the gallery, and then we can start a campaign to ask for a bigger and better one in a central location.

Wish me luck

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