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Making Illusion Plates

At the start of lockdown it became a challenge to get my normal weekly shop online ( I really hate shopping in all its forms and when the supermarkets introduced online shopping many many years ago I immediately took it up), so after more than 15 years getting my groceries delivered weekly, it was a massive inconvenience to have no availability for my normal delivery time, and when I did finally get some food in the house, most of what I had ordered was not available. Having to shield my family meant no trips out to the supermarket. This led to some very creative meals, and I began to consider how much my normal rigorous meal time regime had been disrupted, and food acquisition had become skewed. SO I decided to make some plates that really messed with your mind, where the surface appeared skewed, but was actually perfectly flat and functional and where no two are the same, as the meals I dished up to my family were never the same. This video shows the process of creating these. I have to say after making so many, my eyes needed a rest. Its quite a frantic video, which is a good reflection of the situation.

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