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Making Christmas Plates - No its not too early

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When you are a studio potter, with a full time career as a carer, nurse, infection control manager, mother and wife (in that order) you have to plan your time to accommodate life. So even though it is October, I am making Christmas plates. These are commissions for my family and friends. But there will come a time when I can make some for my shop too. This process video is slow and steady - in contrast to my last blog post video - because plates can't actually be rushed. The large flat surface needs care and attention if it is to stay a 'large flat surface' and not become a 'large wobbly surface not fit for purpose'. I like to spend time on the bottom of my plates, creating subtle texture and patterns as a nice surprise for the poor sole who is left to do the washing up or stack the dishwasher after the plate has been used to serve up christmas dinner, or house the special christmas cake or pudding. So slow down a little and enjoy thinking of calmer times.

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