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Welcome to my Love of Clay

I am Nicole Lyster an independent artist creating unique ceramics that are functional, sculptural and/or fun.  You will find my whole creative process on this website.  From concept to the end product.

Nicole Lyster_Holding Air Vase_1.JPG
Thank you NHS mugs
Fat Cat Ceramic sculpture
Sassy Lady Bottle in shiny blue and green with red laces
torpedo christmas tree
scroll plate detail
three sassy lady bottle in unfired clay
Yellow Porcelain bud Vase
Wisteria Vase creation
Nicole Lyster Air Acorn
Nicole Lyster splash bowl
Home: Welcome

My Inspiration

I find inspiration from my place in the world around me, focusing on the air we breathe, the juxtaposition of the built environment and nature in the city, and the beauty and calm that can be found in small things during difficult times.  I produce work that is reflective of my life’s interests in science and art, it shows the constant existence of the rough with the smooth, and is indicative of the need to balance stability with the precarious nature of life.  But most importantly it is a celebration of the beauty in all things and the ability to find fun and laughter in any situation.

Home: About Us

Below is my Instagram feed, where I document my adventures in clay

Below is my Instagram account, where I document my adventures with clay in bite sized pieces.  My Blog has more detailed accounts of what I am up to in my garden Studio in London UK.

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