This colourful and fun Ceramic Decoration is made to brighten up your christmas.  I made this tree on my potter's wheel, then I altered and decorated it with individual designs and multiple colours.  It has a modern, playful design that is simple, yet will create impact wherever it is displayed.  It will happily live on its own or in a forest group on your mantlepiece, table or window sill, either way they are designed to bring a little bit of colourful joy to your world. Each one is truly unique.


These are currently being made for the new season.  I have a few in the Health Robinson Museum for sale at the moment.  If you want to order one (or many) for Christmas please send me an email via my contact form.  Thank you.

Christmas / Torpedo Tree Table Top Decoration

  • If your tree is looking a bit dusty, just wipe with a soft cloth to bring back the shine.  If for some reason its been out playing in the mud wash by hand with soap and water.

  • This is a ceramic item.  I make sure it is packed very, very carefully.  Lots of biodegradable bubble wrap and it will be double boxed if needed, to ensure that it survives the journey.  If you live in the UK I am including postage in the price. 

    If you live somewhere else, then we are going to have to have a conversation about the price of getting your item to you.  Please contact me so we can organise it properly.

    If you live near by,  I can deliver it to you, please contact me so we can make arrangements for this.