Hand built Stoneware Ceramics Sculpture in two parts. Blue and White glaze with micro-organism motif. Inspired by the complexity of fighting lung disease in Cystic Fibrosis and the hope and freedom that the newly discovered medications bring.


H 30cm W 25cm D 25cm


This piece is exclusive to Harrow Open Studios online Exhibition 'Celebration of Colours'.


This piece came about after I was at a medical conference on Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The professor giving a lecture on the different micro-organisms in a CF lung had an amazing diagram that was such a great image I felt compelled to replicate it in my work somehow. At the same conference was information about the newest drugs that are available to help people with CF and the amazing change it is having on their lungs and their future. This piece represents the restrictions that lung disease can cause, the hope that the new medications bring and the weirdness and complexities of living with Cystic Fibrosis.


Clay is a slow process, if you rush, it will crack. I coil built this piece over a few weeks and then allowed it to dry slowly for another month. It took a day to fire in my kiln and another day to cool. Then I needed to glaze it, which took me a few hours, with an additional 24 hours to dry. It was then fired again in the kiln over a two day cycle. I then had to cut and attach the wire 'cage' struts, which took a final few hours (they were fiddly to do). To have the skill to do all this has taken many years of practice.

Breathing Free